Sober at CU?
Or just looking for something different to do?
Living that healthy life? Trying to cut back? Taking a break?
Come have fun with us!

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SoberBuffs is a student organization that celebrates sober and healthy living and hosts substance-free social events for the CU Boulder community. CU SoberBuffs events are a great way for students and others in the community to meet like-minded people who are into having a good time without alcohol or other drugs.

SoberBuffs events are open to anyone who wants to have sober fun! All are welcome, as long as you are sober when you attend. Some events require a minimum of 48 hours sobriety for safety reasons.

From the SoberBuffs student organization webpage:

"We seek for adventure and excitement without substances. We wish to live that healthy life either for just one night, or as a lifestyle. We hike, we camp, watch movies, cook, dance, climb and more. And most importantly, we connect with other like minded people! All our Fun is Substance Free."

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The CUCRC hosts other sober events and Friday Socials for members of the Colleigate Recovery Community Sign up here to receive CUCRC info and announcements on CUCRC member events and other activities.

Hiking, climbing, bowling, yoga, campouts, cookouts, tailgaiting, sports night, game night, movies, meetups, study groups, workout buddies, ski and snowboard trips, mountaining biking, more!

All our Fun is Substance-Free!