The CU Collegiate Recovery Center (CUCRC) is open to anyone who wants support for their recovery or is interested in being part of a healthy, sober community. The CUCRC CORE Member program provides additional support and benefits, including campus housing, scholarships, work-study, group trips, special events, and key access for members to use the Center seven days-a-week.

Who is eligible to become a CORE Member?

CORE membership is open to those who demonstrate (via application + personal interview):

  • A personal commitment to recovery, sobriety or abstinence and well-being
  • Active participation in a program or practices that support recovery, sobriety, or abstinence
  • Interest in being part of a recovery-focused community, sharing experience + accountability, and being of service to others

Individuals who are not in recovery but choose to live substance-free are also welcome to apply to join the community as a CORE ally member.

CORE members and ally members sign an abstinence agreement and commit to upholding community values and guidelines. This agreement helps to keep the community safe by fostering healthy relationships and reinforcing each individual's commitment to sobriety and well-being, and willingness to support the same for others in the community.  

What are the benefits of being a CORE Member?

  • being part of a strong, healthy, connected and supportive peer community
  • 7-day/week key access to the Collegiate Recovery Center community lounge
  • CORE member special events, group trips, sports outings, etc
  • Awesome swag (hoodies, tees, water bottles, etc)
  • Peer Mentor and Orientation Program
  • Individualized recovery coaching
  • Eligibility for scholarships, work/study positions and early enrollment for classes
  • Service, Leadership and Professional Development opportunities
  • Additional recovery support services available upon request (sober coach, clinical or outpatient services, drug-test monitoring, etc)

What is expected of CORE members?

  • attend the Core Member weekly meeting at the CUCRC
  • sign an abstinence agreement and commit to upholding our community values and guidelines
  • participate in one or more CUCRC community events, service or outreach activities during the semester
  • have individual check-ins with CUCRC directors as needed

If you have less than 3 months sobriety or are an ally of those in recovery do not practice abstinence yourself, you can still join the community as an Ally Member. Ally Members are able to participate in most programs, though are not eligible for the campus housing option until they can demonstrate at least 3-6 months continuous abstinence.

CORE Campus Housing

Core Members of the CU Collegiate Recovery Community are eligible to live in Core Housing - dedicated sober apartment residence halls along Boulder Creek on the north side of campus. Core Housing is open to full-time freshmen, transfer, upperclass and graduate-level CU-Boulder students who are accepted as Core Members and have a preferred six months continuous abstinence from all drugs and alcohol. 

CORE housing is located in brick 4-plex residential buildings in Graduate and Family Housing. The 2-student unfurnished apartments include a full kitchen and living room, bathroom and 2 bedrooms with laundry in an adjacent building in the same courtyard. The residence halls are on the Boulder Creek Path on the north side of campus, only a couple of blocks from the CU Rec Center or downtown Boulder.

CORE housing units are filled on a first-come, first-served basis and we often go to a waitlist. If all spots are full, CORE members often pair up with a sober roommate in other housing on or off campus and can participate in all programs and activities as a CORE Member even if living off campus.

We are always taking applications for Core Membership. CORE members can then request placement in CORE Housing, depending on space available. 

Is there a fee to become a member or to live in Core Housing?

There is no fee to become a member, and most regular programs are also free of charge. Standard CU housing rates apply for Core Housing. CORE members and ally members receive member discounts on other costs for large group trips or special events sponsored by the CUCRC.

How do I apply to become a Core Member?

  1. Contact the CUCRC to discuss your interest and options, and to request an application
  2. Submit application materials to apply as a CORE member or CORE ally member
    • Membership Application Form (includes section for campus housing option)
    • 2 referrals (from therapist, sponsor, mentor, sober coach, or similar)
  3. Set up a personal interview with CUCRC program directors
  4. Students who qualify for the CORE housing option will receive instructions for completing their housing assignment with the CU Housing Office.

Please note: Students with less than 6 months abstinence may apply to become a CORE member of the CUCRC and participate in its programs, though they may not qualify yet for the CORE housing option or key access to the Center. After developing a foundation in their recovery and meeting the criteria, they may reapply for both benefits at a later date, upon approval by the CUCRC program director.

For more info, email CRC Program Manager Rob Shearon or call 303-492-9642