General Priority (No Action Required)

When you receive an account you will automatically be assigned a ucb-general share. ucb-general is a great place to run smaller jobs or to use to test and benchmark your code. ucb-general users have a lower priority. To receive higher priority, you can apply for an allocation to run on our systems.

Increased Priority (Proposal Required)

To submit an allocation to Summit, please complete the following:

  1. Please fill out the below template when constructing an allocation request for Summit. Be sure to address each bullet point in this worksheet. If you feel that some of the requested information is not applicable, please note why that is rather than leaving that section out of your request entirely. (PDF) (Latex) (Word)  Read the Scaling Analysis Appendix for more information. 
  2. Visit to fill out some basic information and upload the above template.

Once uploaded, a committee will review your request and make suggestions (if needed).  The committee meets bi-weekly.

Requests for larger allocations will need more detailed justification. As a general guideline, a request for 300K SU might require a two-page proposal, while a 1M+ SU request might require three to five pages.

For more information on how the allocations process works, including fair share, please visit

For information about profiling, please visit

If you have questions when preparing this allocation request, please contact We are happy to provide advice and answer any questions.