Step-by-Step Process for Allocations

Why Do I Need An Allocation

Having an account only validates that you are eligible to use RC resources. An allocation allows us to keep track of your use of the system. This is important because

  • We need to make sure we have enough resources to accommodate all of our users

  • Helps for reporting to NSF and the CU Research & Innovation Office. Summit is funded through a grant from NSF.

General Priority (No Action Required)

When you receive an account you will automatically be assigned a share of the ucb-general allocation. You can use ucb-general to run smaller workflows on RMACC Summit.  The ucb-general allocation has comparatively low priority, however it adequately meets the needs of many of our users. If your workflow outgrows ucb-general, you can apply for an additional higher-priority allocation on RMACC Summit as described below.

Increased Priority (Proposal Required)

To send an allocation request for RMACC Summit, please complete the following:

  1. Email to inform Research Computing of your intention to send an allocation request.  Include 2-3 sentences to describe the computational needs for your project, and the name of the person leading the project (i.e. PI or faculty advisor).

  2. Once we have received your request, we will create a template in a Google Doc and share it with you.  The template will contain information required from you to complete the request. We will collaborate with you on this document as you move through the request process.  

  3. Once a draft is complete, the committee will review your request and make suggestions (if needed).  The committee meets bi-weekly.

  4. Requests for larger allocations may require more detailed justification.

What you can expect:

  • It is HIGHLY likely your request will be approved, particularly if you work with us ahead of time.

  • Prepare for this process to take a minimum of 2 weeks. Larger requests or those that do not engage RC early on may take longer.

  • ALL requests require that the user conduct test runs of your workflow on RMACC Summit.

  • You will continue to have access to ucb-general during and after the allocation request process. Note that ucb-general can be used to run the tests needed to inform your allocation request.

  • The process will be iterative. This means we may ask for additional tests or revisions in order to optimize the workflow for RMACC Summit.


If you have questions when preparing this allocation request, please contact We are happy to provide advice and answer any questions.