Citation/Acknowledgement Language

Please use the following language to acknowledge RMACC Summit in any published or presented work for which results were obtained using RMACC Summit.

This work utilized the RMACC Summit supercomputer, which is supported by the National Science Foundation (awards ACI-1532235 and ACI-1532236), the University of Colorado Boulder, and Colorado State University. The Summit supercomputer is a joint effort of the University of Colorado Boulder and Colorado State University.

To reference RMACC Summit in a citation, please use

Jonathon Anderson, Patrick J. Burns, Daniel Milroy, Peter Ruprecht, Thomas Hauser, and Howard Jay Siegel. 2017. Deploying RMACC Summit: An HPC Resource for the Rocky Mountain Region. In Proceedings of PEARC17, New Orleans, LA, USA, July 09-13, 2017, 7 pages. DOI: 10.1145/3093338.3093379