The PetaLibrary provides two primary classes of storage: "active" and "archive." Active storage may optionally be replicated to the archive infrastructure for additional resiliency at an additional cost.

The minimum size for a PetaLibrary allocation is 2 TB. Storage spaces must be ordered or renewed for at least 1 year, 1TB = 1000GB.

  FY22 Service Fees (CU) FY22 Service Fees (External) Description Accessibility Protection
Active Storage $45/TB/yr $115/TB/yr NAS-like storage for data that is frequently written or read Read and write from RC login, data-transfer, and compute resources under /pl/active/.  ZFS raidz2
Archive Storage $20/TB/yr N/A Tape-backed storage for infrequently-accessed data Read and write from RC login and data-transfer resources under /pl/archive/. (Not available from RC compute resources.) Redundant copies of all data on two LTO tapes