Shelley Knuth

Shelley is the Assistant Vice Chancellor and Director of Research Computing at the University of Colorado Boulder.  Her team is operating a supercomputer, a research data storage service, a new hybrid cloud, a condo cluster, infrastructure support for courses, and a friction free network for large data transfers.  Research Computing provides training and consulting on various topics related to high performance computing, data management, programming, basic supercomputing use, and other topics.  She is also one of two executive directors of the Center for Research Data and Digital Scholarship (CRDDS), and chairs the Rocky Mountain Advanced Computing Consortium (RMACC) which collaborates throughout the Rocky Mountain Region on cyberinfrastructure projects. Shelley is the lead PI for the NSF funded ACCESS Track 2 Award, the MATCH team.

Prior to serving as director, Dr. Knuth was the Associate Director of User Services. In that role, she was responsible for the management and strategic planning of the user services team in Research Computing. She was also the Initiative Director of Education and Training in CRDDS and has served as an elected member of the XSEDE Campus Champions Leadership Team as well as Region 8 Deputy Director. She is a member of the RMACC Women in High Performance Computing Chapter and is a member of the Bridges-2 advisory committee. Additionally, she is a Certified Scrum Product Owner ® (CSPO) and is an instructor on high performance computing specialization courses offered through Coursera, and holds a faculty appointment at CU.

She earned her PhD in Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences in 2014.