Art Nozik
Research Professor

Arthur J. Nozik, FRSC, is a Senior Research Fellow, Emeritus at NREL and Research Professor in the Department of Chemistry at CU-Boulder. In 2009 Nozik, was selected as associate director of a joint Los Alamos National Lab/NREL Energy Frontier Research Center for DOE. In 2007, he was appointed the scientific director of the new Center for Revolutionary Solar Photoconversion under the Colorado Renewable Energy Collaboratory. Nozik's research interests include size quantization effects in semiconductor quantum dots and quantum wells, including multiple exciton generation from a single photon; the applications of unique effects in nanostructures to advanced approaches for solar photon conversion; photogenerated carrier relaxation dynamics in various semiconductor structures; photoelectrochemistry of semiconductor-molecule interfaces; photoelectrochemical energy conversion; photocatalysis; optical, magnetic and electrical properties of solids; and Mössbauer spectroscopy. He has authjored or co-authored more than 220 papers and book chapters in these fields, written or edited 5 books, holds 11 U.S. patents, and has delivered more than 350 invited talks at universities, conferences, and symposia.