How does research in a PSYC/NRSC lab relate to an honors thesis?

Honors can be a great cumulation for the valuable experience you gain in a research lab. For students considering research for the purpose of graduating with Honors (GPA above a 3.3), below is a suggested timeline on when to start research in a Psychology or Neuroscience lab to allow time to write and defend a Departmental Honors Thesis. Learn more on the Honors page.

Please note this is a suggested timeline based on a 4-year plan; transfer students are still eligible to do departmental honors through research! Meet with your Academic Advisor to create a customized plan.

Psychology and Neuroscience Honors Timeline, First Year- Think about research topics, read about topics of interest, read honors getting started handout, Second Year- Ask Faculty and advisors about honors, reach out to research labs, get research assistant position, third year, start or continue research in a lab, conduct own research, prepared paperwork for honors thesis, Last year - write thesis paper, submit honors paperwork, defend thesisHonors Thesis Getting Started Handout

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