On display at the Denver Museum of Nature & Science in the Summit Stage and Expedition Health, March 2022 - Fall 2022

A Fight for Sacred Land

A Public Mural Project by Lauren Redniss


The Firehouse Art Center presents the culmination of our Winter Residency partnership with NEST Studio for the Arts, featuring the work of artist Amy Hoagland and re-searcher Jennifer Cole.

Diane Burko


Boundaries in time and space, so often alienating or abrupt, also offer a place for enmeshment, a recognition of assorted, inherent continuums. Artists here work to illuminate indiscernible thresholds, subtle rhythms of horizons, watermarks of catastrophe. Our shared environmental futures depend upon recognizing the particularities of loss and inequality, while also demanding a constant realignment of vantages, so justice becomes actionable. Our fortunes, our fates, our borders, our bodies are all co-terminous, and they require heightened perception to witness the fainter spectrum of what’s being lost and what could be gained.

Curated by Erin Espelie: Assistant Professor, Cinema Studies & Critical Media Practices and Co- Director, NEST Studio for the Arts, CU Boulder.

Exhibition Essay

Union Hall
1750 Wewatta Street, Denver
Exhibition dates: Oct 22-Jan 9, 2021
All visitors need to make a reservation on the Union Hall website in advance of their visit.
Union Hall logo

NESTed Roots: Science and Art Collaboration with CU Boulder

Carbondale Arts presents “NESTed Roots”, a collaborative exhibition in partnership with CU Boulder’s “Nature, Environment, Science & Technology (NEST) Studio for the Arts program and Aspen-based CORE (Community Office for Resource Efficiency), opening March 5, 2021 at the Carbondale Arts R2 Gallery.


Nina Elder artwork, 2020

PERMANENT/TRANSITORY is a crowd-sourced collaboration between artist Nina Elder, NEST, The Dairy Arts Center, CU Boulder and the larger community. The works explore phenomena, responding to the questions “What is permanent?”

More about Nina Elder

"What is permanent?"
NEST mural—CASE Building, Room W250,
University of Colorado Boulder
1725 Euclid Ave, Boulder, CO 80309

“What is transitory?”
Dairy Arts Center mural
2590 Walnut Street, Boulder, CO 80302.

The collected thoughts become large 2D artworks with the words meticulously hand-drawn onto the windows. They will be on display until December.