map of the world showing locations of conference participants

Webinar: BBB Virtual Conference 2021 (September 13-14)

Oct. 5, 2021

Build a Better Book was pleased to host a virtual conference on September 13-14, 2021! If you missed the conference, you can still view the session recordings on the BBB Virtual Conference 2021 webpage. Get inspired to start a Build a Better Book project at your library, school, or makerspace!

Rishika Kartik

Webinar: Tactile Art Workshops with Rishika Kartik (April 6, 2021)

April 20, 2021

Watch this inspiring session on engaging with the blind and visually impaired community through tactile art workshops. High school student Rishika Kartik will share her experience running the Colorado Tactile Art Club, art workshops at the Colorado Center for the Blind, Colorado School for the Deaf and Blind, Braille Institute,...

Swell paper diagram being read with iPhone Tactile Images app.

Webinar: Tactile Images with Dan Patzelt (November 10, 2020)

Nov. 19, 2020

Learn about a new e-learning platform that allows you to create self-describing tactile graphics. Tactile Images is an iPhone app that reads graphics and attaches audio descriptions through a QR code. BVI students can explore graphics independently and instructors can create and customize their own diagrams and images through the...

Luanne Burke speaking on panel discussion.

Webinar: Building Relationships with BVI Partners (October 21, 2020)

Oct. 13, 2020

This panel discussion opens up a conversation around building personal relationships between students and BVI partners during the time of COVID, responding to relevant challenges together, and the difference between working with vs. working for someone. Luanne Burke is a blind artist and athlete who has participated in past BBB...

Max Bogue holding 3D pen enhanced pages of elephant and piggy picture book

Webinar: 3D Giving Day & 3D Pen Projects (August 6, 2020)

Aug. 13, 2020

3D Giving Day & 3D Pen Projects / Phyllis Davis (Library Station) & Mindy Brodecki (Springfield Public Schools) Get ready for 3D Giving Day on December 1, 2020! Whether to launch your BBB project or as a culminating project, 3D Giving Day is a great way to connect student makers...

Graphic of hand in a circle with lightning bolt and text "Earle Baum Hangout"

Webinar: Connecting to the BVI Community & Remote Learning (July 30, 2020)

Aug. 10, 2020

Neal Mckenzie (Sonoma County Office of Education) & Eli Sanchez (Earle Baum Center) What is it like for blind and low vision people working and learning in an online environment? Find out how two BBB partners adapted their formal and informal programs to fit their student's needs and keep them...

April Chamberlain with students working with braille slates and stylus.

Webinar: Virtual BBB - Online and Blended Learning (July 16, 2020)

July 30, 2020

Virtual BBB - Online & Blended Learning / April Chamberlain (Trussville City Schools) Learn how a Build a Better Book organizer facilitated a BBB project using digital tools for managing in face to face, blended or virtual environment. Digital tools used was Google Classroom, Hyperdocs, Screencastify, and Flipgrid. You will...

Rachel Brockman sitting in front of library bookshelves.

Webinar: BBB as Course Elective (July 9,2020)

July 14, 2020

Discover how a BBB facilitator set up a year-long elective-class and built empathy, built capacity, built relationships, and built resources with elective-class students for their school’s visually impaired population. Leave with a principal-pitch-meeting planning sheet, a pacing guide template, and a new network of support to start your own elective...

Peter and Nancy Torpey

Build a Better Book: Accessible Tech (October 19, 2019)

Nov. 19, 2019

Build a Better Book presents a panel discussion on Accessible Tech. Presenters include: Nancy and Peter Torpey, hosts of the Eyes on Success podcast; Neal McKenzie from the Sonoma County Office of Education, and Eli Sanchez from the Earle Baume Center in Sonoma, CA. Facilitated by Stacey Forsyth (Build a...

SpecDrums ring on top of an Eric Carle picture book.

Webinar: Build a Better Book Project Showcase (July 25, 2019)

Build a Better Book project partners present a showcase of student projects completed in spring & summer 2019. Presenters include: April Chamberlain (Trussville City Schools, AL), Ian Matty (Mountain Lakes Public Library, NJ), and Stacey Forsyth (Build a Better Book). Project highlights include: audio-enhanced books created with SpecDrums and accessible...