The Three Little Pigs is a re-telling of a folktale with tactile enhancements. This version was created by Olivia DeLelys, Melanie Pohl, and Makenna Boyce for the Alexander Central School Technology 8 class in 2019. It was shared with students at the New York School for the Blind. 

3 little pigs page showing pig and wolf meeting at an amusement park.Designer's Note:

With these panels we are trying to tell the story of The Three Little Pigs. We used different textures and materials to try and help them to understand the story better. We went out and collected materials for a non-expensive price. We used materials like sticks, straw, and 3D printed house to represent The Three Little Pig houses. We also used clay for the turnip fields. For some of the 3D printed parts we utilized Thingiverse.

Project Resources:

See photos of additional pages from the story.