Boy in a red snowsuit playing in the snow.The Snowy Day tells the story of a young boy who ventures out to play in the snow in his bright red snowsuit, climbing, sliding, making tracks, and building a snowman.

Middle school students at St. Thomas the Apostle school created tactile enhancements for board books as part of their STEAM and service learning unit. They worked in teams to interpret the books and used craft materials, found materials at home, and 3D print designs on TinkerCAD to create tactile elements. 

These pages incorporate dioramas and 3D scenes, raised outline drawings, and experimentation with textures and paint. Students worked to maintain the figure silhouettes and feel of the original illustrations.

View the gallery of images showing how different teams created different interpretations and designer notes on two projects.




Tactile enhancements and page designs:

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snowman and tree with snow made from cottonballs and sticks  page with braille text and a tactile tree, and a snowman tactile scenes of fluffy snow and a snowball fight, and straight tracks through snowdiorama of snowman and of boy in bathtub   tactile scene of boy in snowsuit with snowy footprints tactile scene of two children in snowsuits in deep snow   3D print design of two children standing in deep snow 

Designer Notes: