These sample pages of sensory receptors were created by 6th grade science students at Redwood Middle School in California. Each page explains a different type of receptor with the human body and includes tactile elements, page orientation, and labels or explanations in braille. Below are pages showing Mechanoreceptors, Chemoreceptors, Thermoreceptors, Photoreceptors, and Proprioceptors.

Page of different texture squares demonstrating mechanoreceptors.  Page with two scent samples on cottonballs and braille description of chemoreceptors.  Page with braille instructions for breaking a small heat pack to experience thermoreceptors.  Page with copper tape circuit connecting a battery and LED lightbulb with explanation of photoreceptor in braille.  Page for proprioceptors with four tactile circles in the corners of the page.  

Project Resources:
View additional sample pages of sensory receptors.