These pages were crafted by students at Central Michigan University's Center for Excellence in STEM Education mini-camp, Summer 2018. Students used a variety of techniques and materials including:

  • Fabric and feathers
  • Found materials
  • 3D Pens
  • Plastic
  • Wax sticks

Sample book page showing a sloth made from felt.
Fabric cat outline with google eyes and collar with washers as tags. . Sample book page showing half of a bowl filled with colorful scraps representing cat food.Sample book page showing a cat watching a bird drawn with a 3D pen.
Sample book page showing a door drawn with a 3D pen that opens into a cut out in the page.  Sample book page of a bird made up of real feathers and a beak drawn with 3D pen.
Sample book page showing an outline of a squid that is covered in plastic sheet and filled with a squishy liquid.