3D printed maze with raised walls and a marble for following the paths.This Marble Maze was created by Connor Thompson, Gage Wagner, and Christian Kissell for the Alexander Central School Tech 8 class in 2019. The path can be followed either by tracing with a pencil, or rolling a marble through the paths. 

Designer's Note:

Our goal was to develop a maze that consisted of material and features that appealed to the needs of the visually impaired. A 3D printer was used for the creation of this game and it was beneficial for several trials. After numerous products, we revealed the final product to the Batavia School for the Blind and it was a success. In the making, we introduced the marble into the maze game as a control, compared to how a pencil would be for our experience in this game. We utilized SketchUp 2017 and Fusion 360 for our design.

Project Resources: