Cover for Little Owls Night by Divya Srinivasan showing an illustration of an owl sitting on a branch under a full moon.3D models of a hedgehog, rooster, and owl Tactile enhancements and matching game for Little Owl's Night by Divya Srinivasan were created by students in the Pre-Collegiate Summer STEM program at University of Colorado Boulder in 2018. 



Designer Notes:

The book we based this project on was called Little Owl’s Night and it was about a little
owl who traveled to different places and saw different animals doing different activities. In the
end the owl fell asleep while spotting a rooster crowing because the day was about to begin. We
chose this book because it had a large variety of animals, so we thought that we could
incorporate different animals that were unique in order to make a matching game that really
made the kids interact with the book. Out of the whole book we chose to do only five animals
because of time constraints. Although the book did contain a variety of different animals, we
decided to chose the most common animals.

Project Resources:

Download audio files, 3D models, and game instructions for Little Owl's Night.