Clay model of a bee hive hanging from a real tree branch with three hand-made bees attached.Students in the 7th grade art class at Westtown Schools completed a design challenge to create a three-part story explaining a science or life skills concept. Each piece was created from everyday materials with hand-crafted elements incorporating Universal Design criteria. Finished projects were donated to the Royer-Greaves School for the Blind.

Designer Note:

These three panels show a large scale model of a honeybee; a model of a bee hive or nest hanging from a tree branch with three smaller bees; and a wax model of a honeycomb showing the distinctive hexagon shape of the cells and the waxy texture of the comb. The accompanying text in braille reads:

Close up of clay model of a bee hive and a real tree branch with three hand-made bees attached.The bumblebee is very fuzzy
It works all day to make us honey

Their hive is way up in a tree
Can you feel them... 1 2 3

Inside the hive is a waxy cell
That holds the treasure that farmers sell

Yummy Honey!Close up of honeycomb cells made from wikkisticks.