Game board showing squares with tactile arrows, 3D printed eels and an escalator.Escalators and Eels is a tactile game based on the game Chutes and Ladders. This tactile game was designed by Joelle Grunthaner, Maddison Homer-Roviso and Patience Thomas for the Alexander Central School Tech 8 class in 2019.

Designer's Note:

A multi-age based, fun game. We created the pieces using SketchUp2017. Some pieces were created using Our game was designed with rules that followed a game like Chutes and Ladders. When the player touched an eel they had to slide to the following square. The kids at the New York State blind school seemed to truly enjoy it.

Project Resources:

Download 3D print files for dice and additional photos of the game board. Round dice tray with two large tactile dice