Empathize, Define, Ideate, Prototype, TestThe Build a Better Book project emphasizes a human-centered design thinking approach, in which participants first need to better understand the specific needs of their end users. The Design Thinking process includes these key steps:

  • Empathize: Learn about the end user and their specific needs, abilities and challenges.
  • Define: Pinpoint the specific problem being addressed.
  • Ideate: Generate diverse ideas to address the problem.
  • Prototype: Build a rough model to generate discussion and feedback in order to futher refine a design.
  • Test: Solicit feedback from end users.

Repeat. This is meant to be a continual, cyclical process of improvement rather than a unidirectional set of steps.

Design Thinking Resources

Student drawing of a unique vehicle designed for a wizard.Extraordinary Design: Using The Extraordinaires Design Studio, participants design and create products for extraordinary clients. 
Video: Meet the Normals: Adventures in Universal Design
Video: Why We Need Universal Design - Michael Nesmith - TEDx Boulder
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