Tactile Sorry game board with audio card deck.Games are a big part of student life and socializing. Explore these resources and BBB projects focused on making game play more accessible. Most board games rely on vision to read card instructions, match pieces, and identify colors and shapes. The type of game also makes a difference in how accessible and inclusive playing can be. Is the game competitive or collaborative? Are moves hidden or public? Whether you are designing a board game or video game, take into consideration how adjusting basic elements can broaden player participation and independence. 


For a great introduction to understanding the experience of playing board games for people who are blind or low vision, read these articles from Sightless Fun:

Design Elements:

As you design your game, try applying or adapting these enhancements that support tactile learning:

Size - the size of playing pieces or the game board may need to be increased

Shape - playing pieces that are usually recognized by color can be adapted by using textures or different tops or bases that will make them easier to identify by touch

Stability - playing pieces can be shifted or easily knocked over when feeling or touching the board. Add magnets, velcro dots, or some other way to keep pieces upright and in place

Texture - add raised lines or different textures to help players identify spaces and actions on the game board that are usually identified by text, colors, or shapes

High Contrast - players with low vision or color-blindness may only need higher contrast, brighter colors, or color-blind palettes to identify elements of the game

Braille - braille can be added for short instructions, dice, spinners, or counters, if players can read braille

Sound - add digital dice or other methods for reading cards or instructions aloud


Try out these sound-based games that include audio cues to move through game play. Some use sound enhancements and others are audio only.

wordle board Accessible Wordle - sound enhanced word game



 pea with legsPea's Journey - sound based platformer game



Echo speakerAlexa board game and role-playing game adaptations