The growing availability of 3D printers in schools, libraries and comGirl designing a 3D model using Tinkercad.munity Makerspaces enables Makers to create digital designs that can be readily shared online. We typically use Tinkercad or SketchUp for our 3D modeling software.

Some key considerations for students to keep in mind when using 3D printing to create tactile elements:

  • What are the most essential elements to provide in a tactile form (and how many of each are required)?
  • What unique features (e.g., shape, texture, etc.) should be included to ensure that the tactile element that can be understood by touch?
  • How big does an element need to be in order to be understood by touch (keeping in mind printing time limitations, page size limitations, appropriate scale relative to other elements in the project, etc.)?

3D Modeling and Printing Resources

Introduction to Tinkercad (pdf) provides tips and tricks and links to videos for creating 3D objects