What is 3D Giving Day?

3D Giving Day combines 3D Printing Day with Giving Day on December 1, 2020, into an opportunity for makers to use 3D pens or any maker technology to create tactile materials for blind or visually impaired members of their community. Starting in 2019, 3Doodler donated 3D printing pens to local organizations and shared examples of how to enhance favorite children's books with tactile lines and details. Read 3Doodler's Blog about related events.

Watch these videos to learn more:

3D Giving Day Overview

How to Make a Tactile Book

How can I join?

In 2020, Build a Better Book and 3Doodler are expanding the program to give everyone a chance to participate and connect with their visually impaired community. Register yourself or your organization to receive updates, project resources, and ways to promote your event.


Run your program and create tactile books throughout October and November with a goal of delivering your finished projects to interested organizations that serve the blind and low vision individuals on Giving Tuesday / 3D Giving Day on December 1, 2020.

Ways to participate:

Check out these outlines for different activities to suit your organization and timeframe. Visit the BBB Resources page for tools for teaching about visual impairments and accessibility. 

Tactile alphabet letters ABC with braille.

Two-Hour Event:
Tactile Alphabet

Book about pancakes and 3D printer printing the word "pancake".Full Day Event:
Middle School Makethon

Librarian sharing tactile boardbook with preschool studentsWeekly Build Up:
Teen Night /Teen Club

Figure of the Cat in the Hat drawn with 3D pen.Adapting Books:
3D Pen Activities



Ready to go?

Review these Tips for Creatng a Tactile Graphic and Tips for 3D pens. Visit the BBB Design Gallery for more ideas on projects using both low tech materials and high tech equipment. 

Connect with your local blind and visually impaired community: