Godelieve Spaas

Dr. Spaas owns Creating Change, a social enterprise developing sustainable and economically robust entrepreneurship.  She considers findings and exploring a dynamic balance between ecology, society and economy – an emerging and essential element of entrepreneurship.  A new economy is evolving where hybrid organizations and new innovative systems are unfolding as part of our learning process of connecting our natural, human and monetary systems.  Combining the knowledge and skills of choreography, research and consulting enables her to see through the various dimensions of people and organizations in a way that is essential in order to find this new dynamic balance.

As a researcher, she is connected to the University of South Africa and works with frontrunners in economic and entrepreneurial transformation, mainly the ones that aim to establish a system change.  In cooperation with these organizations in many different countries, she unveils and designs:

  • new entrepreneurial ways of doing business,
  • open and inclusive organizational forms of and leadership,
  • co-creative ways of working and leading.