Photo of Alex Geis
Pre-Health Advisor
Office of Pre-Health Advising


Alex joined CU Boulder in December 2019 as a First-Year Advisor within the College of Arts & Sciences and spent 2022 as the First-Year Program Manager within the College of Media, Communication and Information. He has over 15 years of advising experience and previously worked at Front Range Community College and Colorado State University. Alex enjoys facilitating the student experience by taking a holistic approach (looking at the whole person and supporting their physical, emotional, social, and spiritual well-being) and empowering each student to take control of their educational and professional paths.

Prior to finding his passion as a Pre-Health Advisor, Alex worked in corporate wellness as an ergonomist and fitness center manager. At the time, his ergonomic team was recognized as one of the first to develop and implement a remote ergonomic service model. When Alex decided to attend graduate school in his late 2000’s, his sport administration and business focus led him to work with the Colorado State University sport marketing team. One day, Alex discovered through his work with student athletes his passion and love for helping students succeed and he's been working with students ever since!

As a Pre-Health Advisor, Alex looks to instill in students, early on in their academic and professional journey, the confidence to ask questions and pursue their professional dreams. Alex feels the sooner he can meet with a pre-health student, the sooner he can help them identify the necessary resources and skills needed to be the very best health professional candidate they can be; ultimately the very best health professional they can be.

Alex is a Colorado native and grew up following his older sister around the CU Boulder campus in the late 80’s and early 90’s. Alex says, “whenever you walk outside and see those beautiful flatirons, it’s difficult to have a bad day.” Outside of work, Alex enjoys taking trips to Vegas with his wife, Amanda, and trying to keep up with his son, Jack, both on and off the football field. If you ever have a Zoom meeting with Alex, you may catch a glimpse of his yorkie, Benny, or hear a snore from his pug, Lola! Alex has a bucket list item of someday playing The Star-Spangled Banner, on guitar, at a CU football game and then playing “Welcome to the Jungle” as Ralphie and the team run onto the field. He first, though, must learn how to play the guitar. Lastly, Alex has attended over 100 concerts, so if you ever meet with him make sure to ask him his top five!