Department of Linguistics

Graduated with MA 2012
Currently Assistant Professor, Department of Linguistics, University of California Santa Barbara

My research is focused on the linguistic practices of transgender people and others who align with marginalized gendered and sexual identities. My publications have investigated coming out narratives among transgender versus LGBQ individuals (Gender & Language 2009); the discursive construction of biological sex and reformulation of what constitutes a “male” or “female” body among trans men (in Watts & Llamas’ Language and Identities volume, 2009 Edinburgh University Press; also to appear in my edited volume, Queer Excursions, with Oxford University Press); and the acoustic characteristics of the voice (CRIL, 2010 & work under review). My dissertation deals with gendered phonetic changes occurring among trans people making a transition from female to male with the help of masculinizing hormone therapy. In this project I engage with questions about the origins of gender differences in the voice, the complex relationship between sex and gender, and the range of masculinities found among trans men and others on the female-to-male identity spectrum.