Professional portrait of GuillermoGuillermo Fidalgo Rodriquez

(University of Puerto Rico—Mayaguez)

Research Project Description.

The failure to find a dark matter particle is a significant outstanding issue with the Standard Model. A recent theory for the origin of dark matter involves a dark (or hidden) sector in which an analogue to the strong force exists, which results in the creation of dark baryons and dark mesons. In this model, the LHC could produce dark quarks that hadronize into dark mesons with a relatively long lifetime. The signature is called "emerging jets" as the particles in these jets come from the decays of dark mesons, which all decay at different times. The current analysis uses events that are selected by a trigger that requires a great deal of energy in the form of jets. This trigger does not take advantage of the unique features of the emergent jets analysis. In this study, we evaluate the performance of the existing triggers and begin work towards developing a new trigger dedicated to Emerging Jets for the next round of data taking.


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