Retired Federal Manager of Cognitive Science Research • Cognitive scientist who managed much research relevant to science education, including early NIE-NSF program
CU Denver Department of Psychology

Dr. Susan Chipman managed the cognitive science program at the United States Office of Naval Research for 22 years. Previously, she was assistant director of the National Institute of Education, where she was responsible for research programs in mathematics education, cognitive development, and computers in education. Her personal research focused on visual pattern perception and its development, and she has also written extensively on the participation of women and minorities in mathematics, science, and technology. She edited Thinking and Learning Skills, Women and Mathematics: Balancing the Equation, Knowledge Acquisition, Cognitively Diagnostic Assessment, Cognitive Task Analysis and The Oxford Handbook of Cognitive Science. She earned an AB in Mathematics, MBA, and AM and PhD in experimental psychology from Harvard University and is a fellow of both APA and APS. She was named an honorary lifetime member of the Cognitive Science Society in recognition of her contributions to the field and also received APA's award for federal research managers.