A portrait of Mike Bennett sitting on a blue couch.
Director of Education and Workforce Development
Q-SEnSE NSF Quantum Leap Challenge Institute

Office: JILA A806

As the Director for Education and Workforce Development at the Q-SEnSE NSF Quantum Leap Challenge Institute, Mike works to oversee the development and implementation of quantum science education initiatives at a variety of levels.  Some of the projects Mike is involved with include: the Quantum Forge, a capstone course and workforce development program for upper-division undergraduates interested in continuing directly into the quantum workforce; the Research Exchange Network, an internship program connecting students from underserved populations to front-range quantum industry giants; and CU Boulder's Professional Masters in Quantum Engineering program, which provides quantum engineering training both to interested students and to employees in the quantum industry.  As a member of the Q-SEnSE Executive Committee, Mike collaborates across the CU Boulder campus to deliver on the University's quantum education vision.

Prior to this position, Mike served as the JILA NSF Physics Frontier Center's Director for Educational Outreach and Research, managing JILA's public engagement efforts and engaging in research on informal physics learning.  Mike obtained his PhD in nuclear physics from Michigan State University in 2016.  In the before times, Mike enjoyed performing karaoke and visiting local distilleries.