Mike Bennett
Research Associate, JILA PFC Director of Educational Outreach and Research • Informal Physics Education and PISEC Program
Department of Physics • JILA

Office: JILA A502,440 UCB

Mike received a Ph.D in nuclear physics in 2016 from Michigan State University's National Superconducting Cyclotron Laboratory, then moved to CU Boulder to lead the JILA PFC's outreach initiative as the Director of Educational Outreach and Research.  As the Director of the PISEC outreach program, Mike oversees the implentation of PISEC's partnership-based informal STEM education intiatives, collaborating with both CU organizations and local K-12 educators to support PISEC's current outreach and develop new opportunities for both volunteers and student participants. 

As a Research Associate with the CU Physics Education Research Group, Mike collaborates with undergraduate, graduate, and professional researchers in a number of ongoing projects, including an investigation of the factors that influence the pedagogical preferences of PISEC volunteers and multiple projects looking at aspects of student learning in PISEC.  Mike is constantly thrilled to be able to collaborate with incredibly skilled and enthusiastic researchers, including collaborators at Michigan State University and University College Dublin, and is always happy to engage with interested researchers at all levels.