Jessica Hoehn
Postdoc • Student Reasoning in Quantum Mechanics • Final Projects in Lab Classes
Department of Physics • JILA

Office: Duane C219


Jessica received her Ph.D. in Physics Education Research from CU Boulder in 2019. Her dissertation research focused on student reasoning in Quantum Mechanics, including investigating the organizational structures students use (ontologies), students' beliefs about learning physics (epistemologies), and social dynamics in collective problem-solving settings. Overall, this work explores how we can value the messiness of student learning. Now as a postdoc, Jessica is doing research on multi-week final projects in upper division lab classes, thinking about the role of written communication/documentation as well as students' epistemologies of experimental physics. Jessica is also involved in organizing the Equity, Inclusion, and Cookies event series in the Physics Department, and treasures her time spent volunteering for the informal science education program, PISEC