Diana López
PhD Student • PhET Project and teacher PD
National Polytechnic Institute Mexico • Physics Education Department

F915 Gamow Tower, UCB 390, Department of Physics, Boulder CO 80309

10 am - 6 pm

Diana López is PhD student in the IPN in México. She is doing her research project with the PhET Interactive Simulations team about development of a dashboard for teachers that shows the interaction of students with the PhET simulations. She has been collaborating with PhET since 2017 working on the design of physics sims, teacher PD for hispanic teachers and writing activities is Spanish. Diana has a Master's in Physics Education Research and a Bachelor's in Physics both in Mexican universities. Diana was formerly a high school teacher Mexico for 4 years, and more recently has been working with several Physics Education Research projects in her home country at different educational levels, developing teachers PD and curriculum.