Education Programs Manager • Informal astronomy education and education research
Fiske Planetarium

Office: Fiske M180

Briana is an astronomy education researcher, a science communicator, an artist, a dancer, and an aspiring traveler. Her current passion is to integrate art and science in innovative ways to promote learning and inspire people to ask scientific questions. Within the unique environment that planetariums offer, how can we effectively engage people in science and promote conceptual learning? How can we bring a similar experience to the local and national communities? In what ways can we design spaces and tools to provoke scientific curiosity for people of many different ages, interests, and backgrounds? Briana seeks to answer some of these questions.

Briana holds a M.S. in Astrophysical and Planetary Sciences from CU Boulder and an B.S. in Physics from Washington State University. Her extended experience as a planetarium presenter and as a graduate teaching assistant inspired her trajectory into the informal science environment with an emphasis on best teaching practices. She currently leads the education programs at Fiske, coordinates outreach, and oversees lobby exhibit design and audience surveying efforts. She is also involved in various education research projects to develop national educational videos and university curriculum materials for the dome environment.