Katie Rainey holding and looking down lovingly at a sloth
Graduate student • Assessment in physics
CU Department of Physics


Katie received her B.S. in physics with a minor in applied math from Boise State University in 2014. As an undergraduate, she worked in a condensed matter lab synthesizing metal oxide nanoparticles and characterizing their magnetic properties in addition to teaching algebra-based physics labs. During her first few years at CU, Katie investigated the impacts of race and gender on student experiences in STEM. She is now working on developing an upper-division thermal physics assessment, with a deliberate focus on trying to eliminate bias within the assessment. In parallel with pursuing her Ph.D. in physics, Katie is working toward attaining a secondary science teaching license through the CU Teach Program. She is heavily involved in course development, diversity workshops, and event organization through CU-Prime, a student group committed to supporting diversity and equity in physics.