Membership in Phi Beta Kappa is by invitation. At the University of Colorado, invitations are issued twice each year to those undergraduates who meet specified criteria of GPA, undergraduate major in Arts and Sciences, number of credit hours at University of Colorado, and ethical standards. Invitations are normally made in October and February for initiation in December and May each year.

The chapter is able to offer two scholarships, and you can view more details on the scholarships page.

The chapter is run largely by faculty and staff who were elected to Phi Beta Kappa at their own undergraduate institutions. Chapter meetings are held about once a semester, or as business requires.

President: Professor David Boonin
Vice-President:  Andrew Lombardi
Treasurer:  Lev Sz

Historian:  Professor Jerry Peterson
Secretary: Assistant Professor Catherine Kunce
Executive Administrative Assistant: Margaret Kneebone

Participation in chapter activities is open to all PBK members living in the Boulder community with an affiliation (which can be created ad hoc) to the University of Colorado.  Please contact us if you are a Phi Beta Kappa member who wishes to participate in the local chapter governance or activities.