The International Takes program supports international student participation in activities that will enrich their academic experience at CU Boulder. 


Sharing an Aspect of my Country with the CWA

International undergraduate students participating in this program conduct research with the support of a faculty mentor and present their findings during the Conference on World Affairs. Research projects must be related to CWA's theme in connection with the researchers' international backgrounds. 

Why Participate

  • Gain firsthand experience conducting research with the support of a professor
  • Share an international perspective with the CU academic community
  • Network with members of the CU and Boulder community
  • Enhance your resumé with participation in a high-profile event
  • Polish public-speaking and presentation skills

How to Participate

You should submit a research proposal using this form. A committee formed of faculty, staff, and students will select up to 10 participants based on the strength of their proposals. Successful proposals will address the following: 

  • Proposed research topic, and the student’s previous experience or knowledge of the topic
  • Alignment of suggested research topic with CWA’s 2023 themes
  • The importance of developing research and public speaking skills for the student’s professional development and career aims
  • The student’s status in good academic standing and demonstration of an ability to manage the research project and program commitments in addition to the demands of regular coursework
  • Identification of a faculty mentor who has agreed to participate in the program (optional)

What Past Participants Say

"I learned that there is a lot to be proud of about my country's culture. My research mentor gave me a lot of support and I really appreciated it. It was a really good experience and it raised my self esteem." Chan Kim (Statistics)

"By participating in the program, I learned a lot more about professional research, public speaking, and poster presentation. I think the research project we worked on for this program is very different from what we would do for class projects and the professional project taught me new things related to professional research methods and presentation. The program also offered a great opportunity for international students to speak up more and present unique aspects of our home countries.

Working with a faculty mentor feels like collaborating in a friendly and supportive environment. The mentor guides our research questions and methods, and gives us space to share our voice. The faculty mentor also pays attention to our backgrounds and we can learn from each other by sharing different experiences, and such conversations can also inspire additional research questions or topics.

Presenting at the CWA is very exciting and educational. Before we presented, we participated in mock presentations and received feedback to feel more prepared. During the presentation, we have many people gathered around to listen, ask questions, and provide feedback, and it feels amazing to be able to share our experiences from our home countries and discuss the research topic with different audiences.

I think students should participate because it’s a wonderful opportunity to improve international students' public speaking and presentation skills, and it’s also a great experience that helps make friends and connections. As an international student, I greatly appreciated the opportunity this program provided to encourage me to share my voice and it makes me feel like my opinions and research matter a lot. By participating in the program, I also get to know my mentor better and make friends with the other speakers, and it’s one of my most cherished college experiences." Ziwei Cheng (Psychology)

Music & Community

Music & Community creates an opportunity for international music students to perform a piece of music of their choice and share with the audience their approach to performing it. Attendees will have the chance to learn about cultural influences in music performance as well as meet members of the CU international community. This program is a partnership with the CU Boulder College of Music.

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