Sofi Ozambela
Creative Technology & Design


Sofia is an engineer, artist, and designer. If she had to give herself one title for the rest of her life, it might be a "doer" because of her diverse interests, her love for learning, and her desire to do new things. In spring of 2022, She will graduate with a B.S. from the Creative Design and Technology (CTD) program in the school of Engineering at CU Boulder. Before pursuing her interest in creative technology, she spent her time drawing, painting, and studying film. With her newfound skills and knowledge in CTD, she aims to make things that combine creative and technical mediums and ideas.


Interaction & Experience Design. Her areas of interest include web design, programmatic design, interactive design, graphic design and interactive art installation.

Research Faculty Mentor:

Dr. Kent Tobiska, Aerospace Engineering

Sofia's McNair Scholars mentor was Joseph Steele.