Selena Hinojos
Environmental Engineering

Hello everyone! My name is Selena. I am a senior studying Environmental Engineering at the University of Colorado Boulder. Throughout my undergraduate experience I have been involved in programs such as the Discovery Learning Apprenticeship Program, The Engineering GoldShirt Program, becoming a Residential Advisor, and most importantly being a McNair’s Scholar. My goal is to help curve climate change to benefit the future generations. After graduating with a bachelor's degree in Environmental Engineering I plan to attend graduate school for a PhD at Penn State University studying Civil Engineering with water resource focus in the fall. Then I plan to work for companies such as the US Forest Service or the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Other than the school aspects, I love to be with my family, hike in the mountains, and play volleyball. Thanks for reading!


Research/Areas of Interest: Civil Engineering (water resource focus) & Climate Change
With the rise of urbanization there is an increase in impervious surfaces which results in the alteration of the natural watershed hydrology. This alteration results in urban stormwater runoff and as a result stormwater management was developed to protect public health and the environment from this change to our natural hydrology. For this research a rain garden, one type of low impact development (LIDs), was implemented to prevent and/or reduce pollutants in water, decrease peak flow, and reduce stormwater runoff volume. The rain garden was monitored to evaluate if there was a reduction in exported phosphorus concentration with the use of top-applied aluminum-based water treatment residuals (WTRs). To best evaluate the performance of the WTRs throughout the filter media, column studies were then created to optimize the location of the WTRs. Preliminary data discovered that 1-inch bottom application of WTRs allowed for the greatest decrease in phosphorus export in comparison to WTRs mixed throughout the filter media and/or top application of WTRs. Overall, this research has led to an advancement of LID in urban areas to improve the operation and performance of stormwater management.


Research Faculty Mentor(s): 

Mr. Tyler Dell, RA I, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Colorado State University,
Dr. Larry Roesner, Senior RS/Scholar - Emeritus Professor, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Colorado State University,