Natalie Alvarado
Environmental Engineering


Natalie Alvarado is a Latina, first-generation college student completing her Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Engineering with a minor in Energy Engineering at the University of Colorado Boulder. While at CU, Natalie was involved in many research projects including space research at Colorado Space Grant Consortium, plant sensor research with Dr. Robert McLeod’s group at CU, and renewable energy research with Dr. Jason Quinn at Colorado State University. Natalie’s overall goal is to make engineering

accessible for everyone. She believes that anyone can become an engineer if they get access to it. Going forward, this fall Natalie will attend the University of California Berkeley for a PhD in Civil and Environmental Engineering where she will continue to strive for promoting inclusivity in engineering. In her free time, Natalie enjoys running, painting, and reading nonfiction books!


Natalie’s research interests include equitable, sustainable decision-making in engineering. Natalie will join the Justice, Equity, Diversity, Inclusion, and Liberation Lab [J.E.D.I. (L)ab] with Dr. Maya Carrasquillo at the University of California Berkeley. At UC Berkeley, she plans to take a social justice approach to solving critical infrastructure issues and food-energy-water nexus research. Natalie plans to do engineering research that incorporates community and stakeholder engagement to get various perspectives in engineering practices and not leave voices unheard.

Research Faculty Mentor:

Dr. Jason Quinn, Associate Professor, Mechanical Engineering Department, Colorado State University

Natalie's McNair Scholars mentor was Patrick Miga.