Joaquin Ramirez
Aerospace Engineering


Joaquin Ramirez became enamored by space in his early childhood. Inspired by the beauty of the cosmos and yearning to one day reach them himself, Ramirez graduates with a bachelor's in Aerospace Engineering as he takes one step closer to the stars. Joaquin is the first-ever in his family to graduate college. Joaquin is excited to intern as a systems engineer for Sierra Space this summer, where he will work on the spaceplane Dream Chaser and commercial space station Orbital Reef. From there, he will pursue a masters in Bioastronautics at CU Boulder with the hopes of eventually developing space habitats for future lunar/martian missions. 


His research experience involves developing new ways to measure light wavelengths via Raman spectroscopy and determining the efficacy of galvanic vestibular stimulation as a display modality for the bioastronautics lab.