Israel Miles
Computer Science
My name is Israel Miles, but I also go by Izzy for short! I am a Colorado native and was homeschooled with my seven siblings on a horse ranch until 8th grade. I am majoring in Computer Science with a minor in Applied Mathematics. I will be pursuing a PhD program that focuses not just on mathematics, but how diversity and inclusion can be brought to current technology in machine learning and artificial intelligence. Ronald McNair  continues to inspire me to push for excellence in physical, musical, and academic pursuits. I am currently a blue belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and enjoy playing classical piano when I’m not studying. I have a passion for teaching, and have been a Mathematics Instructor Assistant for the past three years! As a part of the McNair Scholars program, I believe that it is the responsibility of those in positions of freedom to spread opportunity to those who need it most.
Research: Singular Spectrum Analysis: Methods for Constrained Environments

Since privacy is a growing concern in technology, it is becoming necessary to perform data processing locally and to avoid sending information to the cloud. Example use cases for localized computing include mobile devices and wearable technologies. This introduces challenges due to low-memory and slow CPU resources. In this report, the featured dataset includes different motions collected by an iPhone 6s that depict subject activities such as walking or jogging. In order to extract useful information from the data, methods of Singular Spectrum Analysis (SSA) were applied to extract trends and patterns. The implementation and analysis of different methods of SSA are tested on a Raspberry Pi (RPi) with 1GB of RAM. The results indicate that modern variants of SSA are accessible for constrained computing environments and can identify user-specific behaviour.

Research Faculty Mentor:
Dr. Stephen Becker, Assistant Professor
Department of Applied Mathematics