The McNair Scholars Advisory Board consists of faculty members who serve as role models of research and scholarly excellence.  As program advocates, board members provide advisement of project development and activities. Additionally, board members:

  • Interview program applicants and select each cohort
  • Participate in program activities, including mentoring  
  • Promote the McNair Scholars Program in their home department among students and faculty



Advisory Board

Image of Dr. Alderete

Dr. Tanya Alderete

Assistant Professor • Advisory Board Member
Integrative Physiology
Tanya L. Alderete, Ph.D. is an Assistant Professor at the University of Colorado Boulder in the Department of Integrative Physiology. Dr. Alderete fuses clinical research with epidemiological approaches to evaluate the contribution of environmental exposures to the development of disease. Her research includes some of the first investigations to show that exposure to near-roadway and ambient air pollution contributes to the pathophysiology of type 2 diabetes in youth. Dr. Alderete’s...
Image of Dr. DeDecker

Dr. Brian DeDecker

Teaching Associate Professor • Advisory Board Member
Molecular Cellular and Developmental Biology
Dr. Brian DeDecker is the Director of Undergraduate Research and a Teaching Associate Professor in the MCD Biology Department at the University of Colorado at Boulder. Dr. DeDecker completed his BS from The University of Illinois, PhD in Molecular Biophysics and Biochemistry from Yale University, and post-doctoral research at the University of Cambridge, followed by an independent fellowship at Harvard University Medical School. He serves as team director of iGEM...
Image of Dr. Intolubbe-Chmil

Dr. Loren Intolubbe-Chmil

Teaching Assistant Professor • Advisory Board Member
Student Academic Success Center
Loren Intolubbe-Chmil, Ph.D. is a Teaching Assistant Professor and Leadership Instructor in the Student Academic Success Center at the University of Colorado-Boulder. Dr. Intolubbe-Chmil also serves as an advisor for the McNeill Academic Program and is a committed educator with over thirty years of experience in diverse educational settings.
Image of Dr. Root

Dr. David Root

Assistant Professor • Advisory Board Member
Neuroscience & Psychology
David H Root, Ph.D. is an Assistant Professor and Boettcher Investigator at the University of Colorado Boulder in the Department of Psychology and Neuroscience. Dr. Root's research uses mouse models to identify the cell-types, pathways, and molecules the brain uses for reward- and aversion-based motivated behaviors.