I’m a first-generation student currently majoring in physics with interest in computer programming. Outside of school, I enjoy hiking, running, playing games, and working out. After graduating, my goal is to immediately start graduate school with the goal of obtaining a Ph.D. in nuclear physics or quantum mechanics.


Particle and Nuclear Physics and Quantum Mechanics
Dual output Mach Zehnder modulators (DO-MZMs) are accurate phase detectors that suffer from drift in the operating point with time. This unwanted drift in the modulators decrease the sensitivity of the current microwave comparison setup. A potential solution is to add a bias controller to the set up as to increase the long-term stability of the DO-MZMs. The 8-GHz microwaves of the microwave system use a fast MUTC photodiode which require an ultral-low noise stable variable bias voltage for operation.  During my independent study, I designed circuit boards (PCBs) for the bias controls for DO-MZMs, low-noise bias controller for the MUTC photodiode and the 0/20dB buffer circuits for the microwave measurement setup.

Research Faculty Mentor:

Dr. Thomas R. Schibli, Associate Professor
Engineering Physics