Annalisa Ugarte

Originally from El Paso, Texas, Annalisa Ugarte began their academic career at El Paso Community College before transferring to Portland State University in Portland, Oregon. As a McNair scholar, they investigated red photoluminescent Si nanoparticles for cellular imaging under the supervision of Dr. Andrea Goforth. After graduating with a B.S. in Chemistry, Annalisa was accepted into the Chemistry PhD program at CU Boulder. With an interest in biomaterials, they joined Dr. Stephanie Bryant’s research group (Chemical Engineering) where they aim to connect micromechanical environments to cellular strains and define how cellular strains control regeneration/degeneration responses. In addition to doctoral studies, Annalisa serves as an educator and peer mentor for pre-collegiate and undergraduate STEM outreach programs. 

Annalisa served as Graduate Student Mentor to Marwa Osman.