Published: Oct. 29, 2019
CU McNair Scholars group photo
Angelique Sayler presents a research poster
Israel Miles presents a research poster
Ruth Fisseha presents a research poster
Blake Ocampo presents a research poster

The CU Boulder McNair Scholars Program recently supported eighteen McNair Scholars presenting their research projects at the University of Maryland Baltimore County’s 27th Annual McNair Research Conference, one of the longest running and best attended McNair conferences across the country. McNair-centered conferences like this provide our Scholars with the experience of sharing their research with a national audience of diverse scholars while also receiving critical feedback on their projects, posters, and presentations. McNair Scholars in attendance also had the opportunity to visit nearby graduate school campuses at UMBC, University of Maryland College Park, or Johns Hopkins University.

CU Boulder McNair Scholars, as pictured in the top photo from bottom left, presented either a poster or oral presentation of their faculty-mentored research conducted over this past summer: Felicia Bartley (Annette De Stecher, mentor), “Loren Aragon: Fashion Designs Rooted in History, Honoring the Sacred”; Marlenne Montanez (Kathryn Arehart, mentor), “Social Emotional Development in Children who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing”; Deanna Payne (Youyang Zhao, mentor), “Determining specific heat capacity of molten chloride for Gen3 CSP”; Savannah Santana (Karl Hill & Kimberly Shipman, mentors), “Resilience in Trauma-Exposed Youth”; Fatima Tensun (Eliana Colunga, mentor), “Quality of Parent-Child Interactions in Vocabulary Development Through Different Book Contexts”; Ruth Fisseha (Eszter Vladar, mentor), “Role of Basal Cell Dysfunction in Cystic Fibrosis”; Angelique Sayler (Vanessa Baird, mentor), “The Impact of Economic and Political Beliefs on Support for the Police”; Christian Hill (Ann Eisenberg, mentor), “Artificial Skin: The Creation of Low-Cost, Replicable Polymer Sensors for Touch Augmentation”; Selena Hinojos (Larry Roesner, mentor), “Water Treatment Residuals Effect on Phosphorus Concentrations in Rain Gardens”; Molly MacEachen (Glenda Walden & Mark Meaney, mentors), “Sustainable Innovation for a Prosperous Future”; Efram Aredo (Jay McMahon, mentor), “The New Generational Soft-Robot aka AoES”; Ector Diego (Thomas R. Schibli, mentor), “Active Bias Controller for Dual Output Mach Zehnder Modulators (DO MZMs)”; Israel Miles (Stephen Becker, mentor), “Singular Spectrum Analysis: Methods for Constrained Computing Environments”; Mikale Ogbaselassie (Carlos Franco-Paredes MD, MPH, mentor), “Clinical Description of Diffuse Leprosy of Lucio and Latapí in Mexico”; Blake Ocampo (Tarek Sammakia, mentor), “Progress Towards Isoindole Derivatives for Use in Singlet Fission”; Maximilian Bailey (Tanya Alderete, mentor), “The Impact of Air Pollutants on the Composition of the Gut Microbiome and Health Outcomes in Adolescents from Southern California”; Kyu Ro (David Root, mentor), “Cellular Dissection of Food Intake”; [Not pictured] Lady Grant (Noah Fierer, mentor), “Isolation of Aluminum Tolerant Bacteria from Panamanian Soils”

Second photo: Angelique Sayler

Third photo: Israel Miles

Fourth photo: Ruth Fisseha

Fifth photo: Blake Ocampo

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