Our Group

We focus on characterization of renewable energy technology by investigating materials in energy storage, photovoltaics, membranes and more! We are all unfied by the use of characterization techniques to better understand materials that impact the future of energy. Our goal is to provide insight into technology that will improve the state of the planet and humanity. We are curious about fundamental science questions that relate to big world applications. To learn more about our research, check out the research page and our publication page.

Another key value within the group is culture and worklife balance. Our group has started a program that works with Elementary schools to integrate science, art and dance in the classroom (created and led by Emma Antonio), you can see some of the activities that we have done on the outreach page. Group memebers also participate in DPS high school mentoring and more. We are also active and social and like to have fun! 

Recent News:

Congratulations Wenhan Ou and Cory Flavin for passing their preliminary exams the Materials Science and Engineering PhD program!

Congratulations Tom Chaney and Andrew Levin for publishing recently: 


Find us at the Batteries Gordon Research Conference in February!