Social Psychoneuroimmunology Laboratory

Who gains or loses status and why? How do these changes or perceived changes in status impact stress and health? The CU Boulder Social Psychoneuroimmunology* Lab (SPNIL, pronounced “Spineli”) broadly focuses on behavior, stress, and health outcomes within social hierarchies. Using an approach that combines social endocrine and psychoneuroimmunology methodology, we also examine biological determinants of status-seeking social behavior with a particular emphasis on causal mechanisms linking biology to behavior. Ultimately, SPNIL research aims to uncover psychosocial and biological determinants of resilience to social disparities in stress and health.

*The “endocrine” is silent: Historically, the field of psychoneuroimmunology has maintained a strong focus on hormones. In fact, the “neuro” fragment in psychoneuroimmunology represents the word “neuroendocrine.” Alas, “psychoneuroendoimmunology” is a bit of a mouthful.