Research interests: parasitology, disease ecology, climate change, macroevolution and microevolution, genetics, parasite impacts on phylogeny, parasite impacts on behavior, conservation methods.

I am currently an undergraduate going into my senior year studying Ecology and Evolutionary Biology with a minor in Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences as well as a certificate in Animal Studies! I am interested in studying the impact that climate change has on the organisms that reside on this planet. Specifically, I would like to look into possible genetic changes influenced by fluctuating temperatures. I am excited to be working with the Johnson lab for this summer as well as the academic year until I graduate from the University of Colorado Boulder! During the year, I will be assisting in dissecting Osprey’s gastrointestinal tracts to locate and identify parasites. After my undergraduate degree, I will hopefully be continuing my education and getting my Master's and Ph.D. Outside of school and work, I enjoy creative writing, reading, crocheting, and hanging out with my cat! I like to pick up several hobbies at the same time so that I am always busy and never stagnant!