Dasha Gloutak
Graduate Research Assistant
Aerospace Engineering Sciences

Dasha Gloutak received her Bachelors of Science in Mechanical Engineering at the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) in 2014. In her junior year, she conducted thermal analysis research for the Air Force Research Laboratory’s University Nanosatellite program at UCLA, and in her senior year led the UCLA Engineers Without Borders chapter as President. After graduating, Dasha worked as a Mechanical Design Engineer at Northrop Grumman designing, testing and supporting manufacturing of fiber optic gyroscope navigation systems. From there, Dasha left to pursue a Master of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering at Cornell University, where she conducted research in the Bewley Applied Turbulence Laboratory (BATL). Her experiments using the Turbulence Research Experimental Equipment (T-RExE) examined the impact of compressibility effects on turbulent energy spectra. She also received a Teaching Assistant Award from the Mechanical and Aerospace Department after working as a Teaching Assistant for a variety of undergraduate courses. Dasha graduated in 2018 after publishing her thesis ‘Comparing Compressibility Effects in Turbulence at Various Mach Number.’


Dasha joined the Experimental Aerodynamics Lab as a PhD student in 2018, and has since been conducting research on an AFOSR funded project examining aerodynamic effects of surging flow over swept wings.