Dan Doak

Environmental Studies
I am interested in a range of topics in population biology and community ecology, including both basic issues and those related to conservation biology. At the moment, my field work is focused on plant population ecology, especially the demography of arctic and alpine plants and how they respond to climate change, and on the ways that termites influence an East African savanna system, in particular their effects on acacias and...

Ryan Langendorf

Post-doctoral Researcher
I am an aspiring theoretical ecologist working on developing and improving tools for characterizing communities and their dynamics. What does that actually mean? Well, I spend my time buried in equations and code, trying to improve the ways ecologists answer questions like “What role does the structure of a food web play in its stability and persistence?”, “What structures of competitive interactions best support restoration efforts?”, “In what ways can...

Claire Powers

Ph.D. Student
Environmental Studies
I am a third year PhD student in the IQ Biology and Environmental Studies programs, and am broadly interested in climate change and human disturbance impacts on populations and communities.

Ellen Waddle

Ph.D. Student
Ecology & Evolutionary Biology
I am a fourth year Ph.D. student in the EBIO department. I am interested in the effect of asymmetrical (or directional) gene flow on local adaptation in montane plant communities. In montane regions where terrain is steep, seed dispersal likely biases gene flow downhill. However, for locally adapted populations to respond to warming, adaptive alleles must move upslope. Further, little is known about how pollinators alter foraging routes when in...