Select research awards: 

“Reinvent The Toilet Challenge: Solar Biochar Toilet” Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, (9/12 - 8/15) Linden, K.G. (PI), Weimer, A. and Summers R.S.S. (Co-I)

“SRN: Routes to Sustainability for Natural Gas Development and Water and Air Resources in the Rocky Mountain Region”, National Science Foundation, Ryan (PI) (1/13 - 12/18)

“Enhanced Self Sufficiency for Water with Robust UV LED Disinfection” Office of Naval Research BAA 11-007, Subcontract from Sensor Electronic Technologies (SET) (3/12 – 2/14)

“The Science and Technology of Dispersants as Relevant to Deep Sea Oil Releases: Research Consortia” Gulf of Mexico Research Institute (GRI) (1/12 – 12/14) Linden, K.G. and Rosario-Ortiz, F.  (Co-PI), John, V. (Tulane-PI)

“Demonstrating Advanced Oxidation Technologies/Biofiltration on Pharmaceutical Removal in wastewater” Water Environment Research Foundation U2R11, (3/12 – 9/13) Linden, K.G. (PI), Love, N. and Aga, D. (Co-I)

“Development of Validation Factors for Possible Low-Wavelength Biases in Assessing UV Inactivation of Cryptosporidium” Water Research Foundation 4421 (1/12 – 12/13) Linden K.G. (PI), Wright, H. (Co-I)

“Guidance Document for Testing Medium Pressure UV Inactivation of Viruses” Water Research Foundation 4376 (10/11 – 9/13) Linden K.G. (PI), Wright, H. and Cotton, C. (Co-I)

“IRES: Toward Sustainable Water and Sanitation Infrastructure” National Science Foundation OISE – 1065050 (4/11 – 3/14) Linden K.G. (PI)

“Advanced Oxidation and Transformation of Organic Contaminants” Water Research Foundation 4241, (1/11 – 7/13) Linden K.G. (PI), von Gunten, U. (Co-PI)

“Investigating Underlying Mechanisms behind the Extreme Resistance of Adenoviruses to UV Disinfection” National Science Foundation CBET-0933560 (9/09 – 2/13) Linden K.G. (PI), Hernandez, M. (Co-PI)

“Sanitation Marketing and Business Opportunities in Developing Countries” Laird Norton Family Foundation, (2011-12) Linden K.G. (PI)