Outdoor portrait of Dan Scheeres

Video: CU Boulder wants to study asteroids and NASA will consider it

Aug. 5, 2019

CU'S Janus mission wants to send small satellites into space to study binary asteroids and features ASIRT member Professor Daniel Scheeres.

Student in the field with drone

Q&A with Smead Scholar Alex Hirst about summer of severe storm research

July 25, 2019

Now safely back in Boulder, Hirst reflects on the experiences with project TORUS.

A man working with a robot hand

AI could help make robots cheaper without limiting their abilities

July 22, 2019

Transfer learning, the ability to use knowledge previously gained from one context in another, could teach cheap robots to perform as well as expensive ones.

Ryo speaking at the conference

PhD candidate Suzuki wins best paper award at the ACM Designing Interactive Systems Conference

July 12, 2019

PhD candidate Ryo Suzuki, advised by CS professors and IRT members Tom Yeh and Mark Gross, recently won a Best Paper award for "MorphIO" research at the ACM Designing Interactive Systems conference.

A student getting ready to launch a drone

The air up there: CU team deploys multiple drones in tornado study

July 1, 2019

Project TORUS–or Targeted Observation by Radars and UAS of Supercells–is a two-year partnership between CU Boulder, the University of Nebraska-Lincoln (which is leading the work), Texas Tech University, the University of Oklahoma and the National Severe Storms Laboratory.

Close up image of a bat

Researchers Study Bats To Improve Drone Navigation

June 27, 2019

A new strategy for dodging obstacles could come from the way bats wiggle their ears.

Majid Zamani portrait

New CS faculty Zamani wants to make self-driving cars safer

June 24, 2019

Assistant Professor Majid Zamani said opportunities for collaboration were a huge factor in his decision to join the Computer Science Department in the College of Engineering and Applied Science this spring.

Outdoor portrait of Dan Scheeres

Lockheed Martin Selected for the Next Phase of a Small Spacecraft Mission

June 20, 2019

The Janus mission is led by Principal Investigator and ASIRT member Dan Scheeres.

Airplane pilots in the cockpit

AP Interview: Airbus is ready for pilotless jets - are you?

June 18, 2019

The chief salesman for Airbus says his company already has the technology to fly passenger planes without pilots at all — and is working on winning over regulators and travelers to the idea.

A pizza delivery vehicle

Domino's Brings Self-Driving Pizza Delivery Pilot to Texas

June 18, 2019

Domino’s Pizza Inc. plans to test unmanned pizza delivery in Houston later this year.